Fees And Taxes for County Clerk and Supreme Court

Copies $0.25 per page
Index Number $210.00
Third Party Index Number $210.00
Additional Fee for Residential Foreclosures $190.00
RJI $95.00
Note of Issue(where RJI fee has been paid) $30.00
Jury Demand $65.00
Note of Issue for Uncontested Matrimonial (includes RJI fee) $125.00
Motion or Cross-motion $45.00
Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis No Fee
Stipulation of Discontinuance $35.00
Voluntary Discountinuance $35.00
SCAR Petition $30.00
Notice of Appeal $65.00
Subpoena Duces Tecum $20.00
Subpoena for Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (CPLR 3119) eff Jan 1, 2011 $15.00
Certified Copies of Court Records $8.00 per document
Certified Copies of County Clerk Records Other Than Supreme Court Documents $10.00 per document
Exemplification $25.00 plus cert fee
Transcript of Judgment, Filing $25.00
Transcript of Judgment, Issue $15.00
Certificate of Disposition of Judgment $10.00
Judgment(Clerk's Default) $45.00
Issue Execution (Sheriff) $5.00
Notice of Claim $10.00
Certificate of No Exceptions $10.00
Building Loan $50.00
Power of Attorney $25.00
SUR/Adoption $10.00
Court Records Search (for two consecutive years) $5.00
Federal Tax Lien $40.00
Federal Tax Lien Satisfaction $40.00
Federal Lien (non-tax) $40.00
Federal Lien Satisfaction (non-tax) $40.00
Hospital Lien (filing) $5.00
Mechanics Lien $30.00
Mechanics Lien Affidavit $5.00
Mechanics Lien Amendment $30.00
Notice of Lending $30.00
Notice of Pendency $35.00
Notice of Pendency Amendment $35.00
Assignment of Wages $5.00
Authentication of Certificate of Marriage $3.00
Business Certificate, filing $100.00
Business Certificate, cert copies $10.00 each
Authentication (of Notary) $3.00
Notary Renewal $60.00
Commissioner of Deeds $10.00
Certificate of Official Character (issue) $5.00
Certificate of Official Character (filing) $10.00
Certificate of Honorable Discharge $2.50

$0.00 for copy to veteran
Any Miscellaneous Papers $5.00