A Message From The Commissioner

Welcome to the online Office of the Richmond County Clerk!

Created by the Constitution and Laws of the State of New York, the County Clerk has been the Chief Recording Officer of Richmond County since 1683. The County Clerk is the oldest surviving public official in government and actually goes back as far as the Pre-Colonial era.

In New York City, the five County Clerks, in addition to serving in their official capacity of County Clerk, also hold the titles of Clerk of the Supreme Court and Commissioner of Jurors. As Richmond County Clerk, I have the further distinction of holding the position of County Register.

The Agency serves as the official records repository for Richmond County - recording and maintaining millions of vital legal documents and public records relating to business, Court cases and real property. We are also responsible for collecting folder all associated filing fees, fines, taxes and revenues.

As Commissioner of Jurors, my office is responsible for qualifying and summoning citizens for jury service, and for a variety of functions related to discharging this responsibility. These include the maintenance of Juror service records, jury payroll, operating Jury Assembly Centers, and holding Non-compliance Hearings for Juror scoff laws.

In addition, the Office maintains and issues Conservation (Hunting and Fishing ) and Veterans' licenses; Notaries Public and Commissioners of Deeds Licenses; Veterans' discharges; accepts Passport applications; conducts Naturalization Record searches; filing and registration of Business Certificates; certifies public documents and handles a variety of constituent assistance services.

The County Clerk also maintains various historical archives, performs Marriage ceremonies and Oaths of Office.

As your County Clerk, my goal is to ensure that the Office meets its responsibilities as a multi-service Government Agency while providing the public with the services they need in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. I am folder committed to find new and innovative ways to improve, streamline and technologically advance the Office of the Richmond County Clerk, and better serve the public.

It is with this goal in mind that I am happy to offer this online tool to assist you in navigating your way through this multi-service organization. All of us at the Agency hope it proves useful


Stephen J. Fiala